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A scientific mystery

Science has managed to reproduce the same process as that of nature by manufacturing a diamond created in the laboratory. Ethical and traceable, this diamond is free from any relationship with “blood diamonds”.

It is called a synthetic diamond and it has all the physical, chemical and optical characteristics of a mined diamond:
(the 4 Cs: clarity, color, carat, cut), without the negative consequences linked to the extraction of natural diamonds.

It is impossible to distinguish a mined diamond from a synthetic diamond with the naked eye, it is in a way a magic diamond.

Their only difference comes from their years of existence. One grows in the laboratory for a few weeks using a method called HP HT, while the other has existed for millions of years in the bowels of the Earth.

The Mysteryjoy house integrates an ethical and social approach at the heart of its creative process, which reflects a strong awareness of environmental issues.

A dreamlike mystery

The first collection deliberately immerses us in the crazy world of Lewis Carroll and his Alice.

As if we had to rediscover our child's soul, a testimony of what we have been, and must be. The jewelry is deliberately inspired by cartomancy, bringing new symbolism to the product.

Each card game element refers to elementary astrology. Through her jewelry, Mysteryjoy brings out real personality traits. Mysteryjoy transcribes a kind of irreverence, a feeling of differentiation, of perpetual counter-current.

Each collection will explore a different, parallel universe, like an inception, a dream within a dream.

In his imagery, Mysteryjoy plays between reality and dreams. His moments of reverie are always very saturated. They reflect the break with the real world.
The Mysteryjoy women thus become creatures, strange and sublime.

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