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Collier Médaille Chess

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A necklace in 18-carat white gold, lacquer and laboratory diamonds created in France, it is part of the Protection collection.

The number 7, the very essence of supreme perfection, evokes the quest for ultimate harmony and divine balance.
This necklace is perfect alone or in accumulation.

Collier médaille chess or blanc vue face
Collier Médaille Chess Sale price€4.515,00


Numbers convey meaning. They set the pace of our daily lives and echo emotions and stories specific to each of us. In this way, they resonate differently depending on our experience and quest for truth.

Mythology, art, esotericism:
for centuries, civilizationsfrom all over the world have tried tounderstand the powerful influence of numbers on our lives. But just like a lock whose code only the owner knows, the secret of a date or a number is only accessible to the person who wants to interpret it...

When it comes to the art of divination, having a dream involving a lock can symbolize two things. If open, it is a promise of freedom and independence. When closed, it, suggests that you need to find the key and solve the mystery.